3 Things You Shouldn’t Throw Away in Dumpsters

Does spring fever have you renovating a part of the home that needs to be cleaned out? Of course, it does. After renting a dumpster in the Baltimore area from WRS Dumpster Rental, there are items that should never be disposed of in a general waste dumpster. Whether the material may harm you or others, everyone should be on alert to make sure they safely dispose of said materials.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the items that you can’t throw away in a dumpster:

Batteries – One of the most common household items can be very toxic. Made up of poisonous chemicals like mercury, lead, cadmium and others, a battery can be harmful to the earth if not disposed of properly. Local retailers may purchase unused batteries off your hands or may just dispose of them properly for you.

Chemical Waste – It may seem like a no-brainer to not throw out chemical waste into a dumpster. However, the normal household items that are in fact chemical waste may surprise a lot of people. Bacteria cleaners, automobile oil and transmission fluid are just a few of the items that are commonly found in garages and under sinks. While these chemicals aren’t really harmful to the earth by themselves, but if they are mixed together, they can create a stew of toxic waste that can look appealing to animals.

Electronics – Electronics like appliances, computers, tablets and computer accessories should never be thrown away in a dumpster. Most electronics contain the harmful chemicals that can also be found in batteries. A decent amount of states have even gone as far as to pass laws making it against the law to dispose of electronics in landfills.

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