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Every year, the U.S. generates almost 570 million tons of construction debris. A large percentage of this construction waste stems directly from home renovation projects.

Home renovation companies will remove construction debris like wooden beams and concrete slabs from houses. They’ll also do cleaning after home renovations and get rid of all kinds of other construction waste to make a house look perfect when it’s finished.

If you’re a homeowner or a contractor getting ready to start a home renovation project, you need to know some of the best ways to dispose of construction debris. A successful waste management plan will help you pull off a successful home renovation in the end.

Check out the seven ways in which you can handle heavy home renovation construction debris below so that you can get it off your job site fast.

1. Put It in a Big Pile by the Curb

If you’re going to be generating a ridiculously large amount of construction debris during a home renovation, putting it out on the curb probably isn’t going to work. You might even end up facing fines if you attempt to take this approach to get rid of it.

But if you’re renovating a relatively small home that won’t have all that much construction waste coming out of it, you might be able to put some of it right out on the curb. As long as it isn’t too, too heavy, the local garbagemen may take it right away for you.

Just be sure to see what the local rules and regulations are with regard to throwing out construction debris in this way. Some towns and cities might allow you to do it if you’re taking the DIY approach to a home renovation, but they aren’t always going to let contractors do it.

2. Throw It Into a Truck and Haul It Away

Have you already checked and discovered that you’re not going to be allowed to put a bunch of construction debris out on the curb for pickup? Or do you have too much construction waste to do it?

Another option may be to throw this construction debris into the back of a truck a little at a time and haul it away yourself. You might be able to drop it off at your local dump.

This might not be the most ideal situation if you have a lot of really heavy construction waste. Trying to get it into the back of a truck will be back-breaking work.

But finding out how to haul away construction debris on your own can save you money on a home renovation. You can also get this debris off your job site quickly.

3. Hire Someone Else to Haul It Away

If you don’t feel like hauling away construction debris on your own, you may have the option to hire someone else to do it for you. There are companies that specialize in helping homeowners and contractors get rid of the construction waste they don’t want anymore.

By hiring someone else to haul away construction debris for you, you can avoid having to spend a lot of time and energy doing it yourself. You can also steer clear of any injuries that might come about when you’re attempting to pick up heavy construction waste on your own.

Hiring someone else to haul away construction debris for you is going to come at a cost. But it might be well worth it to you to make construction waste someone else’s problem.

4. Offer It to a Scrap Metal Collection Business

Are you going to be removing your fair share of scrap metal from a house during a home renovation project? Believe it or not, a lot of this scrap metal might be worth something.

If you’re going to be hauling it away yourself, you should think about bringing it to a scrapyard where you can get some money for it. Otherwise, you might also want to kick around the idea of offering scrap metal to a local scrap metal collection business.

There are scrap metal businesses out there that will gladly take scrap metal off your hands at no charge to you. This might not help you get rid of all the construction debris you have. But it should put a decent-sized dent into it.

5. Secure a Dumpster Rental for It

All the options for disposing of construction debris that we’ve laid out thus far should work wonders for you. But securing a dumpster rental for a home renovation is easily the best way to get rid of construction waste for good.

All it’ll take is one phone call to get a dumpster rental in New Castle County, DE delivered right to the home that you’ll be renovating. You can also have dumpster rentals dropped off in:

A company like WRS Dumpster Rental will put a dumpster anywhere you need it and let you start filling it up right away. You can toss any construction debris you have into it and let us worry about the rest.

Renting a dumpster for a home renovation project is obviously going to add a little to your remodeling costs. But we can promise that you won’t mind spending money on a dumpster rental one bit.

The simple fact that you won’t need to spend any time thinking about where you’re going to take construction waste will provide you with so much peace of mind. This will increase the chances of your home renovation project going off without a hitch.

6. Obtain Several Dumpster Rentals for It

Getting your hands on a dumpster rental for a home renovation project is such a good idea that you might not want to stop at just one dumpster rental. You may want to consider welcoming more than one dumpster into the mix to make it even easier to throw out construction debris.

You are, of course, free to simply rent one big 30-yard or 40-yard dumpster if you want to go in that direction. This will be large enough for many of the largest home renovation projects around.

But if you know that you’re going to have a wide range of different types of debris, securing more than one dumpster rental might be a great idea. It’ll make it so much easier to keep your construction waste organized.

Dumpster rentals will come in many different sizes. From small 10-yard dumpster rentals to medium-sized 15-yard and 20-yard dumpster rentals to the previously mentioned 30-yard and 40-yard dumpster rentals, you won’t have any shortage of options.

You can mix and match different-sized dumpster rentals depending on how much construction debris you’re going to be generating and which types of waste you’ll have on your job site.

7. Figure Out How to Recycle It

As we alluded to way back at the beginning, there is so much construction debris created by home renovation projects every year. Unfortunately, much of this waste ends up in landfills when it could be recycled.

You might not be able to recycle every single type of construction debris that you pull out of a home. But at least a little bit of this construction waste can likely be recycled.

With this in mind, you might want to look into taking some of the construction debris that you know can be recycled to a local recycling center. They’ll probably be happy to take it off your hands and recycle it accordingly.

You might also want to speak with the dumpster rental company that you use to see if you can recycle your construction waste through them. Companies like WRS Dumpster Rental will go out of their way to recycle as much of your waste as they can.

This is yet another reason to consider going with a dumpster rental from the start. It’s often the best way to deal with heavy construction debris because of how easy it makes it for you to recycle as much waste as possible.

We Can Help You Handle Construction Debris the Right Way

Are you in the planning stage of an upcoming home renovation project? If you are, coming up with a waste management plan of action should be on your radar.

WRS Dumpster Rental can help you get the dumpster rentals that you’ll need to manage all of the construction debris created during a home renovation. We can also haul all this waste off and ensure that a large portion of it gets recycled.

Contact us now to discover more about how dumpster rentals can benefit you during a home renovation.