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If you have any furniture items that you would like to get rid of, make sure that you find help from professionals that make these jobs easy. 

Moving and hauling make up a $22 billion business that has so many different professionals. These professionals can help you out when you have bulky furniture items that you need to get rid of. 

The following tips will help you when you’re looking to dump furniture. 

Hire a Removal Service 

Speak to a company that can help you with furniture removal. Many of these professionals specialize in handling bulky furniture that is difficult to maneuver throughout your home, and that you may not have a vehicle or manpower to haul off on your own. 

With a junk removal professional, you can call them in advance to set up a quote. After getting the quote that you need, these pros will give you a price and a date, and can haul even your heaviest and most difficult furniture pieces. 

Request a Local Pickup

Check with your municipality to see if they offer local pickups. Many towns, cities, and counties do this to help people get rid of these items without polluting and creating clutter. 

You might need to set up an appointment in advance, or there may be specific days and dates that you can set up these pickups. They may also have set days or dates each month, and they will have a list of criteria that you should check to make sure they can take your furniture item. 

Be sure that you follow their instructions, whether they require you to place it on the curb or another location, and stay in touch to confirm that it is handled correctly and on time. 

Donate Furniture to Charitable Organizations

Take the time to also explore donations. Many charitable organizations accept donated furniture to either sell in their thrift stores or to directly help someone and give it a new home. 

You can donate these items and take advantage of furniture removal for items like couches, bed frames, dressers, entertainment centers, and other types. Not only does a donation allow you to help someone else, but you might also be able to take advantage of a tax break for the donation. 

Handle Your Own Removal

If you have the tools and means, you might also choose to handle your own furniture removal. This is a good idea if you have a large truck that can hold the furniture, and access to your local landfill or other place you’re choosing to dispose of your furniture. 

Make sure that you have the manpower that you need for the removal. This can mean getting the help of friends and family members or hiring a contractor that can assist you. 

Look into getting a dumpster rental that will help you break down your furniture and get it to the landfill. With a dumpster rental, you can have the waste removal come to you, rather than having to haul your furniture away. 

You will get access to a dumpster for a set period of time, and the rental company will remove it once you’re finished. If this is the route you take, ask about the different dumpster sizes that these companies offer and check for price estimates. 

You might also need to carefully dismantle your furniture to make sure that it can fit into your dumpster. 

Gift It to Someone

One of the best things you can do is gift your furniture to someone who needs it. This way, you will feel great that you’re helping a person build their home interior without needing a lot of money to do it. 

You can pay it forward and assist someone that you love. Send the word to your friends and relatives that you have furniture pieces that you’re getting rid of, and allow them the first crack at it.

From there, you can also look into communities and social media outlets that let you post listings for furniture giveaways. 

Sell Your Furniture Pieces

You can also get some cash in your pocket by selling your unwanted furniture pieces. Consider the condition of your furniture and how much money you can reasonably sell it for. If it still has plenty of value, you might choose to sell it for closer to full price or to a furniture store that sells gently used pieces. 

If the furniture has lost much of its value, you may consider holding a yard sale or posting it on a local listing site. Make sure you include plenty of photos to let people know the condition of the furniture pieces up front. 

Come up with terms of the sale, and make it clear whether you can help them with moving it or if they will need to make their own arrangements. 

Dump Furniture You No Longer Need

These tips are helpful any time you’d like to dump furniture that you no longer need. As you can see, there are several options that you can explore to make sure that your furniture pieces find a good home or that it’s equitably disposed of. 

WRS Dumpster Rental can assist you when you have any sort of furniture piece that you need to get rid of. We are family owned and operated and can assist you with projects of all sizes. 

In order to get an instant quote, use our website or call us at 800-381-6912.