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According to statistics published by GlobeNewswire, construction materials amount to 50% of solid waste generated worldwide.

Many of these materials are well suited to recycling. As such, disposing of them correctly should be a major consideration when planning your construction waste management policy. 

Choosing the correct dumpster size plays an important role in separating these materials and removing them from your work site. 

Here’s your guide to getting it right. 

How to Choose the Right Dumpster Rental

To avoid falling foul of local waste and environmental regulations, you must make arrangements to contain and remove construction and landscaping waste from your property within a certain time frame.

It’s important to recycle as much of the waste you generate, too. In some cases, like when you’re downsizing, you could also donate some of these items. 

Figure Out the Scope of Your Project

Let the size of your project guide your choice of dumpster. A bathroom remodel is an example of a small project, while demolishing an entire room would constitute a large one.

When you choose a dumpster that’s too small for your needs, you’ll waste a lot of money on fuel costs for taking multiple trips to empty it.

A dumpster that’s too large will cost you more and cause more of an obstruction on your job site. Yet, a larger dumpster frequently works out to be a more cost-effective option. 

Learn About Dumpster Sizes

Roll-off dumpsters are the most popular types of dumpsters available for rental. They are open-top, wheeled metal containers used to contain rubble from residential and commercial projects.

Other types of dumpsters include side, rear, or front-loading enclosed dumpsters. All dumpsters are typically measured in feet when it comes to external dimensions, and cubic yards indicate their capacity.  

It’s easy to calculate the volume of a dumpster by multiplying its dimensions by one another, like so:

length x width x height = cubic feet

You divide this figure by 27 to get the capacity of the dumpster in cubic yards.

Most dumpsters have weight limitations based on their size. A dumpster with double the volume of a smaller one doesn’t always hold twice as much material. 

At a glance, this is what you can expect from common dumpster sizes when it comes to capacity:

  • 10 and 15 Cubic yard dumpsters hold up to 1 tons of waste 
  • 20 Cubic yard dumpsters hold up to 2 tons of waste
  • 30 Cubic yard dumpsters can contain 5 tons of waste 
  • 40 Cubic yard dumpsters suit 6 tons of waste

Although there’s no way to tell how much waste you’ll end up with at the end of your project, you can see below for an idea of which size dumpster suits your upcoming endeavors.

Compare Dumpster Rental Prices

Like most things in life, cheap dumpsters likely come with significant defects or hidden costs. That doesn’t mean you should pay a premium for your dumpster hire.

When comparing prices, bear in mind that the distance the dumpster must travel to your site will play a role in the rental fee. Rental companies transport the dumpsters on large trucks and must recover the costs involved in delivering your dumpster.

Some companies charge a daily, weekly, or monthly fee for the use of the dumpster, and the price will always vary depending on the size dumpster you hire. Supply vs demand can also impact the cost of dumpster hire.

Always compare prices for dumpster hire across several companies and dumpster sizes. 

Most Common Dumpster Size Options

Choosing the optimum size dumpster is the best way to get good value when renting a dumpster. These are the most popular dumpster sizes used for residential and construction projects:

10 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

This size dumpster accommodates between 1 and 2 tons of waste. They’re suited to both heavy and light materials, like landscaping debris and concrete, respectively.  

Most 10 cubic-yard dumpsters measure 11′ x 8′ x 4′. They’re commonly used for smaller residential projects and maintenance clean-ups. 

They’re best suited to projects like:

  • Single-home renovations
  • Minor excavation work
  • Home decluttering
  • Light clean-ups
  • Flooring removal
  • Small renovations
  • Driveway re-installations

These small dumpsters easily fit into the average driveway without causing a major obstruction.

15 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

These dumpster dimensions are typically 15′ x 8′ x 4′ and they can accommodate up to 2 tons of waste. This makes them suited to mid-size projects, like:

You might find these dumpsters a little harder to come by than the other types, but you can opt for a 20 cubic yard dumpster instead. 

20 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

You can dispose of up to 3 tons of waste using a 20 cubic-yard dumpster. These roll-off dumpsters measure 20′ x 8′ x 4′.

This makes them suitable for both commercial and residential jobs, including:

  • Furniture removal
  • Roof shingle replacements
  • Medium-sized excavations
  • Large landscaping jobs
  • Building waste removal

30 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

Measuring 20′ x 8′ x 6′, these roll-off dumpsters can contain up to 5 tons of waste. They’re suited to mid-range commercial builds, new home construction, and very large landscaping jobs.

Most roof replacement companies use these dumpsters, but you can use them for any job including significant excavation and considerable amounts of waste. 

40 Cubic-Yard Dumpsters

Commercial and Industrial use

These are usually the largest available types of dumpsters, accommodating up to 6 tons of waste. They measure 22′ x 8′ x 8′, and suit projects like: 

  • Removal of large amounts of waste 
  • Large earthmoving projects
  • Large-scale demolition works

Arrange Your Dumpster Hire ASAP

It’s important to determine the appropriate dumpster size and choose a dumpster during the planning stages of your project. In many cases, work will come to a grinding halt until your dumpster arrives at the site. 

Building rubble and landscaping debris can hamper traffic flow on your site, cause unnecessary safety risks, and prove difficult to remove after the fact.  It’s much safer and more convenient for workers to place reside in a dumpster as they go along. 

Avoid unnecessary delays by getting an instant quote for affordable dumpster rentals now.