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Do You Need a Permit to Rent a Dumpster?

Large construction projects or residential clean-ups often require you to rent a dumpster for waste removal. But, given how big roll-off dumpsters can be and the large space they occupy, many municipalities require you to obtain a permit for a dumpster rental.

This fact should raise the important question: Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster? If you are preparing a construction project or cleaning out a home or business in the near future, here are some details regarding permit requirements for dumpster rentals.

When is a Dumpster Permit Needed?

In most cases, leaving a dumpster on your private property, such as on a driveway, does not require a permit. However, if you don’t have enough room for your cars to maneuver around the dumpster and your only other option is the soft ground on your lawn, which is not a good place for dumpsters, then it may be in your best interests to place your temporary dumpster on the street adjacent to your residence.

If you plan to put your rental on a public space, including streets, sidewalks, or alleyways, then you will need a permit for a dumpster rental. Most municipal public works departments request that those renting dumpsters must obtain a permit for minor improvements in construction, public works, street use, or road occupancy. Individuals who place a dumpster rental on a public space without first getting a permit will be fined, so it’s important that anyone planning to carry out a big demolition or construction project acquires the necessary permits. Additionally, neighborhoods or homeowner’s associations may also ask for a permit to place it on a residential street.

How to Obtain a Permit for a Dumpster Rental

The laws and regulations pertaining to permits for dumpster rentals vary based on the local government. In some instances, the company that loans you their dumpster rental is responsible for obtaining the permit, yet oftentimes this isn’t the case. You can find vital information regarding the issuance of permits on your city’s website. If you cannot find the applicable forms, then contact their offices directly.

Prior to filling out the application to obtain a permit for a dumpster rental, there are several details you must know beforehand. Aside from your own contact information, such as your name and address, you must also list where the dumpster will be placed. Your rental dumpster cannot block traffic or vital street features, such as fire hydrants, so determine placement and size requirements before requesting the permit. Additionally, knowing when your project will end is also essential, as your local government will want to know how long the dumpster will remain on the street.

The processing time for permits can vary, as the permit issuer must prepare to enforce parking zones, so submit your application in advance to not waste time. Some locations also require a fee for keeping a dumpster on the street for a prolonged period. Additionally, understand that some permit requests for dumpster rentals may be denied for factors beyond your control, such as a conflict of scheduling with another individual’s dumpster permit or street or snow cleaning requirements.

Whatever the case may be, contact your rental company as soon as you acquire a permit so they can begin scheduling. If you need a residential dumpster rental in Maryland, reach out to WRS Dumpster Rental today! We also offer dumpster rentals in Bergen County, NJ, and locations across the country.