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If you had to guess how many items exist in the average American home, what would it be? Was your guess close to 300,000?

Congratulations! You’d be correct.

Many people have yet to learn how to get rid of clutter. As a result, we keep bringing things into our homes without taking something back out.

What if you could live tidy and organized? Well, you can!

This article has 6 tips for getting and staying organized so you can be proud of your home. Keep reading to learn them!

1. Clean One Room At a Time

A big mistake people make is deciding to tackle all of their household clutter at one time. You may underestimate how much you’ve accumulated and how long it takes to organize.

Imagine getting out everything you own at once and not having the energy or the time to finish. The situation worsens because you still have to perform your daily tasks and live your life.

Now, you’re just tripping over your clutter. Don’t start several cleaning projects at one time.

Instead, start decluttering one room at a time. You’ll be surprised how seeing one room transformed gives you the boost you need to continue to the others.

If one room seems too big of a task, begin with one closet or cabinet. Start even smaller by aiming to get rid of at least one thing a day.

Just start somewhere!

2. Remove the Excess

Once you’ve decided where to start, choose where you’ll make your piles. You should have at least 3 piles.

Bonus piles would be recycle and sell piles. But, the main 3 piles are…

  • Keep
  • Trash
  • Donate

You likely have many things hanging around your home that you don’t even need. Before organizing items back into place, get rid of the unnecessary excess first.

A great place to start is your clothing closet and dresser. Take some time to go through your entire wardrobe.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit anymore. You don’t have to lose weight to fit into those jeans. Buy things that fit you right now!

Donate these and other items you haven’t worn in 6 months. (And don’t you forget about your accessories and shoes!)

If you have clothing that is sentimental or only used for costumes, consider storing those. They’re taking up valuable space.

As you go through other rooms, dispose of duplicates. You don’t need 20 pens or 5 pairs of scissors.

It’s likely you’ll never get to that project you started 3 years ago If you’re in the New Castle, DE, or New Castle County, DE, area and need a dumpster, get a quote here.

3. Implement Storage Systems

Watching something you’ve cleaned out get completely trashed again is a horrible feeling. Storage systems help keep that from happening.

Use bins and organizers in drawers, closets, and cabinets. Make sure you have easy access to the things you use most often.

Clear plastic bins are excellent in hidden places. You see exactly what you need but close it behind a cabinet so no one else can.

Utilize labels so that no one, including you, goes digging through every bin. That’s how things become misplaced or messy again.

Even your pantry needs a level of organization. For example, consider keeping all your baking items in one basket that you can easily pull out when the time comes.

Place a mail holder from which you can hang your keys by the front or back door. Invest in a shoe rack your kids can put their shoes on when they enter.

Once everything in your home has been accounted for, it needs a place to return to every time. That is how you’ll stay clutter-free.

4. Store Things You Don’t Need on Hand

There are certain things you’ll always have, even if you rarely use them. Think of seasonal items, for instance. Of course, this includes everything you have in your garage, you packrat you!

If you can, look into a storage shed. Open up that garage space for what it’s intended for; your cars.

Have a dedicated place with a specific amount of space for storage items. When that space runs out, it’s time to declutter.

You’ll have to decide what’s important enough to store. Don’t keep adding more storage!

That stuff becomes “out of sight, out of mind.” Before you know it, your house is overflowing again.

5. Enlist Help When You Need It

Don’t be embarrassed! We all go through hard times in life, and things take a toll on one’s mental health.

The upkeep of our homes isn’t always the most important thing to us. That’s okay!

There is always a way out, and friends can help. There are even professional cleaning services you can hire.

Instead of living in an unclean environment that you don’t have the capacity to handle, reach out. Take the step to say, “I need help.”

Let the people in your life carry some of your burdens. They’ll have a much easier time throwing away your things than you will too!

If you’ve found yourself in a hoarding-like situation, you’ll probably need a budget dumpster for debris removal. You may even need to dump furniture.

There are a few locations to look into if you’re looking for a Delaware dumpster rental. This one in Wilmington, DE, has upfront pricing.

6. Stay On Top of It

It’s so much easier to stay organized than it is to get organized. If you’ve created some systems for yourself, staying on top of your clutter shouldn’t take much.

Mark your calendar and check the spaces that get cluttered the fastest monthly. If you don’t have a calendar, get one.

At least 2 times a year, go through your items and create those piles we talked about above. A great mindset to have is, “If I bring something in, something else has to go out.”

Now You Know How to Get Rid of Clutter

You have all the tools you need to clean up and clean out your home. You know how to get rid of clutter!

You can have a home where you want to invite people over. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

Even the tidiest people likely have things they need to get out of their houses. It takes work!

WRS dumpster rental can help get rid of the things you don’t need. There are many different sizes available that fit any project.

WRS services many areas. Get a quote in Newark, DE, here!