How You Can Help a Hoarder

Do you know someone in your life who has a problem with hoarding? Accumulating many items, animals, furniture, clothing, and even garbage can cause serious problems for the hoarder. If the hoarding gets too severe, the individual can suffer from psychological, social, physical, financial, and even legal trouble. If someone you love is hoarding, you’re probably desperate for ideas to help, take our tips for helping someone with a hoarding problem today.

  • Understand the cause. It can be frustrating to deal with a hoarder; when you don’t understand the cause of hoarding, it can be tempting to want just to throw everything out and clean the home. However, hoarding is usually the result of an underlying psychological issue like anxiety or depression. The first step to helping a hoarder is to reach out to them and encourage them to seek therapy.
  • Begin cleaning slowly. When your hoarder is ready to begin the cleaning process, be patient and slow. Rent a dumpster in Philadelphia, PA so the hoarder isn’t tempted to pick unwanted items out of the garbage to save, and have the hoarder heavily involved in decisions on what to keep and what to toss, helping them to feel in control will prevent relapse and keep the hoarder more open to suggestions.
  • Have enough room to toss the trash. In some cases, hoarders will accumulate a large amount of garbage, including soda cans, used paper plates and plastic ware, and newspapers. If your loved one is hoarding garbage, removing all of it as soon as possible can be crucial to protecting the health of any person or animal living in the home. A company, such as WRS Dumpster Rental, that provides dumpster rental in Philadelphia, PA can help you and your loved one dispose of potential health hazards quickly and safely; the health of your loved one may depend on it.

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