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Quick Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of interior decorating said to help improve your mood and energy through organization and declutter. Feng Shui looks at how energy moves through your home and helps you move past obstacles in your life by improving how you feel in your space. It sounds difficult, but a large amount of Feng Shui can be done by beginners. We’ve compiled some of the best beginner tips for those new to Feng Shui to help energy flow through your home.

● Remove unnecessary objects. One of the easiest things you can do to improve the flow of energy in your home is to simplify your interior design. Take a look at everything you own, and ask yourself if the possession is necessary or brings you joy; you may be surprised by how many things you own that you don’t need or even want. Too much stuff to get rid of? You can turn to our helpful team here at WRS Dumpster Rental for roll off dumpster rentals in Philadelphia, PA to help you to move all these energy blockades out of your home and your life.

● Make sure your door is unobstructed. When your door can’t open 90 degrees, Feng Shui dictates that you are blocking the energy from moving into your home. Reduce clutter from the doorway, and move unnecessary items to more convenient places in your home.

● Keep your stove clean. In Feng Shui, the stove represents your warmth and career. Keeping it clean is thus said to improve your career prospects as well. It’s also recommended to switch up which burners you cook on, as this can encourage you to take risks and get out of ruts in your life as well.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to have good energy in your home with clutter. Many Americans find that their homes become full of necessary possessions very quickly, and have a hard time keeping up with it. By turning to WRS Dumpster Rental, the leading dumpster rental company in Philadelphia, PA, you will receive the help you need to remove the most extreme clutter from your home and get your life back on track.