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82% of consumers shop at local businesses. Plus, 72% of consumers feel fine about paying more to get local businesses’ high-quality services. 

Why is this the case? Well, local businesses are just plain awesome! Your family-owned local dumpster rental service is no exception to this rule. 

Did you just search “local dumpster rental near me” on your favorite search engine? If so, make sure the service you choose is truly local and not just a chain business claiming to be such. Read on to learn why you have to do this. 

Why Shop at Local Services? 

People aren’t shopping locally just because they’ve been taken in by some idealistic hippy-dippy nonsense. Experts have plenty of evidence to back up their claims about why shopping locally is the better choice.  


The user icon of a certain large online retailer will wave at you, but that’s it. You won’t interact with anyone else while you shop on that site. You might talk to the customer service guy, but that’s not the same as face-to-face contact. 

Physical Stores Have People 

Local brick-and-mortar locations have people working in them. When you visit, you get the pleasure of talking to these people. If you visit often enough, they may even start to call you by name. 

People love the socialization aspect of local businesses. When you choose a local New Castle County dumpster company, you can enjoy this aspect too. Local dumpster companies have people you can interact with. 

Community Uniqueness 

Have you ever seen those old cartoon scenes where a character is walking and the landscape moves behind them? The character usually passes by the same types of stores several times.

Most of America is becoming like those scenes. You see the same chain businesses again and again as you drive down the street. Don’t you wish that America could have a bit more character?

Local Breeds Character

You can get a bit more of that character when you shop locally. Every little mom-and-pop shop gives your local street a unique flavor that the usual American street doesn’t have. Seeing all the unique signs is sure to be a great delight to the eyes. 

Plus, this uniqueness won’t just attract you. Towns and cities with unique characters are sure to draw in more tourists and residents. 

Lower Taxes 

Nobody loves taxes. You probably don’t like them either. If there was something you could do to lower the local taxes you pay, you’d probably do it, right? 

Well, buying from local businesses can lower the amount of taxes that you pay. 

Central Local Services 

Smaller businesses tend to exist in locations that are in the middle of towns and cities. Big department stores tend to exist in areas off to the side.

Local safety services can become stressed if they need to cover a large area. City governments may end up having to raise taxes to make up for this stress.

Local Service Tax Revenue 

Another factor worth mentioning is that local independent businesses generate more tax revenue for every dollar they earn. So going to local dumpster companies puts more taxes into the local economy. Then state governments won’t need to take extra tax revenue out of your pocket. 

Creating More Jobs

Okay, yeah, large department stores indeed offer a ton of jobs. Between all the different departments, you may see just under a hundred people working at a large department store.

But can that compete with the number of jobs that a huge central shopping center can create? No, it can’t. 

More Jobs 

Think about it. What happens if a big box store moves in and prices out the local stores? The number of jobs will stay fixed to the number of people that this store needs. 

If local businesses stay fruitful, more of them can appear. What started as one hundred jobs can grow into 200, 300, or even more. Take that, big department store!  

Better Wages 

Chain department stores can afford to offer their workers lower wages. They can handle the bumps and jolts that come from not having enough workers for some time. Plus, people will recognize the brand of these corporations and believe that jobs with them will be stable. 

Local businesses don’t have these luxuries. They need to compete with the big box companies for workers. To do that, they will need to offer higher wages. 

Local Dumpster Rental Prices 

Yes, local dumpster rental prices may be higher than those of chain corporations. If they are, remember that you’re not just paying to get a local dumpster rental. You’re also paying to sustain your community. 

Community Services 

Yes, big box companies donate to causes. You’ve probably seen the advertisements in their stores and helped causes yourself. And the causes that big corporations sponsor are beneficial to people. 

The problem is that these causes are probably not local. They often help several people and communities across America. This is good, but the money can become stretched thin from community to community. 

Local Helps Local 

Local companies are far more likely to help causes in the local area. They do this because these causes can come back and help them. 

What happens if a local company helps the local homeless shelter? The people in that shelter can get back on their feet. Then they’ll get a local home and shop at the local service. 

Local Money 

Another thing to consider is that money spent on local services goes back to the local economy. Local shop owners should spend a lot of their money on other local services. This strengthens the local economy. 

Money spent at big box stores is less likely to go back into the local economy. A lot of it goes to the CEOs. These CEOs are unlikely to be local community residents. 

Product Variety

Head to your nearest big box store and look at all the products. Then go to the next nearest company and look at their products. The products in both locations should be about the same. 

People Need Variety 

This sameness can be a problem. Products that cater to everyone can leave a lot of people behind. People may have certain allergies to shop for or specific interests. 

Plus, big box stores can’t cater to local tastes or needs. The people who own such stores have to follow the whims of the reigning corporation. They can’t customize what products they have in stock. 

Local Breeds Variety

Local companies can more easily customize their products. They’re owned by people who need to cater to local people rather than to the whole of America. Plus, plenty of local businesses make their products. 

In addition, local businesses are likely owned by people who live in the area. They’ll have a better knowledge of what products or services local people need.

You need to choose a Wilmington local dumpster company for your local dumpster rentals. That way, you know you’re getting Wilmington-specific services. 


You’ve probably seen trucks with the logos of big box corporations printed on the side. Corporations often have fleets of trucks. These trucks take products from the same manufacturers the corporations use and ship them where they’re needed. 

In some cases, the trucks could ship the products across the country. That’s not very sustainable now, is it? 

Local Stores Shop Local 

Small local businesses can’t afford large fleets of trucks. They’re going to need to save on shipping where they can. They’ll likely end up shopping as close to their store as possible. 

In many cases, they’ll end up getting raw materials from local farmers. So it will take a lot fewer fossil fuels to get what they need to their stores. 

Big Box Stores Are Bigger

What do big box stores look like? They’re often the size of a city block. Plus, they have parking lots the size of several football fields in front of them. 

Yeah, you’re not gonna find a lot of trees and other greenery around these places. In addition, bigger stores suck up a lot more fossil fuel power. 

Local Stores Are Smaller 

Local stores, however, tend to be a lot smaller. So you’ll see a lot more greenery around them. These local stores also use a lot less energy to run. 

Save the environment! Search for “local dumpster companies near me” and choose a local dumpster rental that is truly local. 

Local Dumpster Rental in Delaware 

Getting a local dumpster rental means you will strengthen your local economy. You’ll also make your local town or city more sustainable and unique. Plus, you’ll benefit from lower local taxes and getting to work with people face-to-face. 

So if you live in the New Castle County, Delaware area, consider using our services. With the A+ rating that the Better Business Bureau has awarded to us, you know that we’re worth your time. 

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