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Recent statistics reveal that 59% of United States homes were constructed prior to 1980. This likely plays a role in why, in 2020, 76% of American homeowners completed a home improvement project. In 2021, home improvement stores brought in $538 billion in revenue from American buyers.

Remodeling your home is a popular pastime, and it is exciting at that! When you think about what it will look like in the end, you may be so happy that you make snap decisions. To get what you want, planning is critical.

There are many steps to take, and factors to consider so that you can achieve the home renovation of your dreams. What is even better is if your dreams can raise the value of your home when you are ready to sell.

If you are ready to begin a home addition or home remodel, this is what you need to tackle before the walls, floor, and anything else come down. 

1. Create a Budget

Whether you wish to expand your house or renovate your house, before you can begin planning, decide what you can afford. Create a project budget. Then, set your spending limit.

You may not have enough in savings, and there are other options available to finance a home addition or home remodel. Consider a line of credit, refinancing, or a home equity loan. Decide how much you have, and how much you could finance so that you know how much you will spend.

2. Prep Your House

A home renovation is fun, but during the work in progress, it gets messy. Before you remodel, clear every space that a construction worker or professional will work on. Also, any areas that they need to get to the work area, such as hallways and walkways, must be clear too.

To avoid damage (and heartache), remove things that are breakable and valuable. Cover furniture. This will prevent damage from occurring from dust or paint.

If you wish to renovate your kitchen area, you will need to consider how you plan to gather and store food during the work in progress. Consider an alternate food prep area.

3. Work With Professionals

Select the right contractor. Not every contractor is the same. Choosing a professional will directly affect the results of your home remodel, including your level of satisfaction.

The best advice is to check their references, certification, and insurance before considering signing a contract for the work. Then, make sure that the contractor understands what you are looking for. Lastly, make sure they include any warranties in the agreement.

4. Schedule Wisely

When remodeling your home, schedule it at a time that will work best for you. While there can be delays because of unforeseen circumstances, the schedule should be on target, mostly.

It’s always a good idea to build in some extra time for a potential delay. That way, it will not create a significant impact on your life or catch you by surprise.

5. Security System

Remodeling your home requires professionals to come and go frequently from your property. This means strangers spending a significant time at your home.

This is a perfect opportunity to update or add a security system. Consider installing re-programmable smart locks. 

6. Good Communication

A home renovation is a long process. One that you don’t want to repeat. To achieve this, you need open and honest lines of communication with the team that is helping you.

Share your vision with them. Ask a lot of questions. Likewise, the professionals working on your home remodel should communicate regularly with you, as well as address all concerns you have.

7. Return on Investment

For any project, you have that could raise the value of your home, make these a priority. Get projects that raise your home value completed first before moving on to a “wish list” for you. FortuneBuilders recently published the top ten biggest returns on investments for remodeling your home, which include:

  1. A minor bathroom remodel (102% average ROI)
  2. Landscaping (100% average ROI)
  3. Minor kitchen remodel (98.5% average ROI)
  4. Attic bedroom conversion (93.5% average ROI)
  5. Major bathroom remodel (93.2% average ROI)
  6. A major kitchen remodel (91% average ROI)
  7. Entry door replacement (90.7% average ROI)
  8. Deck, patio, or porch addition (90.3% average ROI)
  9. Basement remodel (90.1% average ROI)
  10. Replace windows (89.6% average ROI)

When negotiating with the contractor, look for warranties that are transferrable, which will entice a home buyer. It will give your home a “bonus” compared to others on the market for sale.

8. Rent a Dumpster

The contractor should be responsible for the removal of garbage and debris; however, there will be more garbage to consider. Since you are remodeling, there may be things you want to throw out, such as furniture, curtains, items of clutter, etc. You may have more to throw out than you care to tackle on the usual garbage pickup days.

Plus, since you are on a budget, maybe you want to handle some of the home remodel tasks yourself, like ripping up old carpeting or removing a toilet. It pays to get a dumpster and throw all your garbage out at the same time.

Remodeling Your Home? Here Is Where to Go For a Dumpster Rental

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